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AstroRelay - A Secure Tunnel for remote accessing your devices | Product Hunt

A Secure Tunnel for Remote Accessing your Devices

AstroRelay, a secure relay solution that lets you create public URIs for accessing your local resources, even in 4G LTE networks and behind NAT! Supports multiple services like remote SSH, remote Raspberry Pi, remote desktop, etc. AstroRelay is a secure reverse proxy that relays the data without modification. Our relay solution is like a truck or ship, transferring products while keeping them safe and sealed inside.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Access your public URI from anywhere with clear and user-friendly UI. Working from home and online learning have never been easier with AstroRelay. Access your company, school, or home servers with just a few clicks!

Supports Multiple Services

AstroRelay supports different services, such as HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP to HTTPS, remote SSH, remote desktop, camera, WireGuard & OpenVPN servers etc.

Secure Protocols

A safe and secure choice for remote access. All remote access sessions with control links are encrypted with the highest encryption, TLS 1.3, the same one as WireGuard.

Your Remote Working Solution

Managing an international team? Working as a freelance? Easy access to your company/home servers with AstroRelay. The perfect customizable solution for your team or business.

Remote Control Security Camera*

You’re always home/in the office with AstroRelay. Monitor your security camera anywhere. The best solution for home and enterprise security.

*These features are under development.

Build Your Smart Home System*

Manage your home devices during travel/at work! Allowing for centralized and secure remote working environments.

*These features are under development.

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