AstroRelay - Secure Tunnel for Remote Accessing Your Devices

Create Public URIs to

  • Remote Configure Your Routers & Gateways

    Remote SSH to your routers & gateways for running diagnostics, configure settings and perform maintenance.

  • Remote Control Your Raspberry Pis

    Remote setup, deploy and configure your Raspbery Pis via SSH terminal or RDP connection.

  • Share Your Website Without Deploying

    Mirror your local web server to the public internet, set IP whitelist or blacklist for restricting access.

  • Stablish RDP Connection To Your Computer

    Remote access your computer, transfer files or securing your work from home office network.

  • Remote Manage Your IoT Devices

    Remote access your local IoT network for exporting data, monitoring network usage, and configuring settings.

How It Works?

Step 1. Setup AstroRelay

Configure a Domain for your Links, and install Agents on your client devices.

  • Client device can be routers, Raspberry Pis, Linux Systems etc.
  • Readymade templates and user-friendly interface

Step 2. Connect devices to AstroRelay

Register your devices on AstroRelay, assign unique Links (URIs) and access restrictions for your devices.

  • For remote SSH, RDP, Redirecting to HTTPS, and more.
  • Include IP access restrictions

Step 3. Remote Access your devices

Use your Links (URIs) to remote access your devices, even under 4G LTE network.

  • Access behind Carrier NAT
  • Remote access without public IP

Use AstroRelay URLs To...

Share your website without deploying

Remote access without public IP
Connect to your devices behind carrier NAT
Remote SSH to routers or IoT devices
Remote control your Raspberry Pi
Access your remote computer's desktop UI

Pricing Plans

If you enjoy using AstroRelay, consider upgrading your account for a full experience!


Free Trial

  • Max. 1 Domains
  • Max. 5 Agents
  • Max. 2 links



  • Max. 5 Domains
  • Max. 8 Agents
  • Max. 30 links

$6 USD for 5GB | $10 USD for 10GB | $90 USD for 100GB



  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Agents
  • Unlimited links

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